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Good friends and free yarn

Posted by Gina on Monday, February 9, 2009

A friend of mine recently gave me some yarn after trying her hand at knitting and realizing it wasn’t for her. I love free yarn. :-) I don’t have any projects in mind for it yet, but I’m sure I can think of something. (At least one of the projects is going to go to my friend as a thank you). She gave me five skeins of Caron Simply Soft, two skeins of Patons Shetland Chunky, and one skein of Patons Classic Merino Wool. I’ve never knit with Patons before. It’s much softer than I expected! I can’t wait to use it.

Now, to find appropriate patterns… When my friend gave me the yarn, she said her intent was to learn to knit, then make fingerless gloves with one of the skeins of Patons. So, I guess what I’ll look for first is a fingerless glove pattern that would be appropriate for the yarn. I don’t know that I’ll finish the gloves while it’s still cold outside, but at least she’ll have a pair for next winter. :-)


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Crochet thread? Isn’t that the same as… yarn?

Posted by Gina on Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ack, what is there to say? I haven’t been knitting… at all.  Well, a little, but barely. I’m jumping back into it, though. I’ve moved into a new home. Somehow, I overlooked the fact that I will need dishcloths. Luckily, I had some peaches ‘n cream stuffed into the very bottom of a bag of reject yarn and random textile scraps. Yay for baby blue dishcloths? I hate that color for yarn for some reason. But, it was necessity knitting, so it’s all good.

I’m still working on the triangle garter stitch blanket I started for my son… way back in August. It’s not going to be huge or anything, but I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it. And it doesn’t help that it’s a boring stitch pattern. My fingers don’t long for it the way they do for more interesting patterns. My goal is to finish it this month. I’ll have a picture up after it’s washed and blocked.

The only other item I’ve had on the needles is what was intended to be the first of a pair of legwarmers for my daughter to wear under her dress on Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn’t start early enough, so I didn’t finish in time. I frogged it, but it wasnt a complete waste of time or effort. It gave me inspiration for a version that will be slightly improved the next time I try to make legwarmers. And, I discovered that my first impression of Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread was completely wrong. It was three days before Christmas. It was late. I had to get started that night. Wal-Mart was open… and I was done with Peaches ‘n Cream. So very done with it. I decided on Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread in black. It felt hard and stiff. It looked bland. Had I not been rushed and tired, I would have rejected it instantly. But it was the right color, the right fiber (cotton), it was available then and there at a low price, and it was NOT something I was tired of knitting with. I cast on, and knit a few rows. I wasn’t thrilled. The yarn didn’t move and stretch the way I was used to. But, the more I knit with it, the more I was able to feel the garment that was being created. The hard, stiff, non-springy, non-stretchy thread was turning into a rather nice feeling article of clothing. It felt surprisingly soft… not like silk, but like a comfortable hybrid of t-shirt and broken-down denim. It had a decent drape, and a decent, albeit very muted, sheen. It was actually visually pleasing! As I was knitting, I started thinking of the different types of projects that yarn would be suited for. Wonderful for weekend-wear type items, childrens clothes, and machine washable socks… So many future projects popped into my head. This yarn that I harshly pre-judged is solely responsible for bringing back my knitting mojo. I want to do more with it. And I will… when the time is right (er, when I have the time).

Speaking of… What’s the difference between “crochet thread” and yarn? Could someone enlighten me? Please?

I’ll be back soon with pictures, more revelations, new projects,  and the expected scattered rambling…

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You can’t buy gloves in July….

Posted by Gina on Monday, July 14, 2008

… but you can make them!

(Edited to add, I’ve been told that gloves are sold year round at Wal-Marts in Colorado. But, I’m no in CO. And my mom informed me that the one place I didn’t look [locally] for gloves – the pro shop at the ice rink – sells gloves. Nevertheless, I’m glad I didn’t know this before buying yarn, because then I wouldn’t have new yarn and needles).

My three year old needs a pair of gloves for ice skating lessons, so the two of us headed to The Studio for a fiber seeking adventure. He mostly played with cars in the kids room (God bless The Studio for that room!!!) while I browsed the yarn. I picked out a few yarns for the little guy to look at and feel (he thinks almost everything is “too scratchy”), and we eventually decided on Jitterbug in an amazing blue colorway called Salty Dog. Soft merino wool, heh. The kid’s got taste!

I’ll have to take more pictures of it in natural outdoor lighting, because these pictures, taken indoors with poor lighting, don’t do it justice at all.

While we were there, the LYS employee let the little guy wind it into a ball all by himself! She got it started on the ball winder, but he wound it almost completely from start to finish. He thoroughly enjoyed his visit to The Studio, and winding a hank of yarn into a ball was icing on the cake. It was the topic of conversation the whole way home.

After getting the kiddos to bed, I cast on for his first ever pair of hand knit gloves. I’m not even done with the ribbing yet, but when it’s complete, it will be a modified version of the Little Folk Toddler’s Gloves.

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It’s here! It’s here! YARN! :-)

Posted by Gina on Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I’m finally able to knit something fun, yay. :-) I got 19 skeins of Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Crocus (not the yarn/fiber recommended, but I like experimenting with substitutes), size US 7 DPN’s, and some longer cables for my Options set.

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The sock is DONE!

Posted by Gina on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One sock down, one more to go! But, it’s been kind of a boring knit. Oh well. I’m learning about socks, so I’ll keep truckin’ along. I tried on the one I just finished, and it’s so very soft, and amazingly comfortable. I highly recommend Jitterbug!

Speaking of yarn, I’m still waiting for the Habu Bamboo I ordered for Kiri. I love instant gratification, so waiting hasn’t been easy. It is, apparently, out of stock and the store is waiting for their shipment to arrive. Which is strange, considering the fact that I swear (I’ll even bet money on it) the website said there were 15 in stock when I placed my order. *sigh* Things happen. Maybe a whole bunch of people decided they were all going to order that exact yarn, in that exact color, from that exact website/store on the exact same day. Anything’s possible, right? Or, maybe there was a glitch in the system, so even though it said ‘x in stock’, it really should have said ‘out of stock’. Or maybe the mistake was entirely my fault, and I didn’t read correctly. Either way, their “fault” or mine, I’m not going to get worked up over little bit of a wait. Things happen. The company has a good reputation (as far as I know), and their communications with me have been friendly, professional, and apologetic. So… I’ll wait. Don’t get me wrong, I am very frustrated (I hate waiting, especially when it comes to starting a project that involves more than endless stockinette), but the frustration isn’t directed toward them or me or any specific person/store. Just the situation.

I hate waiting. Did I mention that? Now time for sock number two.

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Socks and lace. I don’t even wear shawls?

Posted by Gina on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I’m working on my very first sock ever… It’s the ‘Simple Sock Pattern’ on the ball band of the Jitterbug sock yarn (I couldn’t find an on-line reference to the pattern). It really is simple… really. Top down, knit in the round (a little 1 x 1 ribbing at the top, but after that it’s stockinette the whole time). I’ll elaborate on the socks later. On to the fun stuff.

I’m currently waiting on the yarn to arrive for the Kiri shawl (pattern and picture available through for those who aren’t on Ravelry). It’s Habu Bamboo in a deep wine color. Very pretty, and hopefully fun to work with. It’s one of those projects I can’t wait to start, and every day I can’t start I get even more antsy. One of the times I literally stalk the mail lady while waiting for my package. She probably thinks I’m a little crazy at this point (not that she’d be wrong, but if she is a knitter, she probably understands). I wonder what I’ll do with Kiri when I’m done? I don’t wear shawls (I find them limiting – I like the things I wear to stay on even when I’m not holding them). I don’t know anyone else who wears them. But, they are so much fun to make! I’m addicted to lace. I suppose that makes me a lace junkie.

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Free yarn from Lion Brand?

Posted by Gina on Sunday, January 27, 2008

I’ve done practically nothing since my last post.  While waiting for some inspiration to strike, my husband sent me a link to the Lion Brand Yarn Challenge.  This looks kind of interesting.  Maybe this will give me the inspiration I need to finish my daughters blanket, finish the soaker (no, it’s still not done yet), and actually start a new project.  Hmm…  I just might be productive again!  The prize is only a coupon for yarn, but still… free yarn is free yarn, right?  And, it looks like a fun thing to do even without a prize.

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Frustration… Out of yarn.

Posted by Gina on Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yarn shopping with my mother-in-law has yet to happen. Thus, I am out of yarn. Not completely out of yarn. I still have the skeins I need to complete Antifreeze. After that, I’m out. No more knitting for…. gosh, I don’t even want to think about the amount of time I’ll be without yarn. It’ll probably be after Christmas by the time I’m able to buy more. With that said, I’m making Antifreeze last as looong as possible. I’ve had the ribbing done for a while now, but have been putting it off for better (read: more fun) patterns. It should have been a two day project. I’m trying my hardest to not finish. Wow, I never thought I’d say that. People sometimes talk about being sexually frustrated. Well, I’m knittingly frustrated!

Is there a yarn fairy? I need need her (or him).

On the bright side, Travis is going to have his gift sooner rather than later. Another positive is that even though I ran out of yarn for Catherine’s blanket, I’m knitting it with inexpensive, no dye lot yarn from (big maga store), so when I have the money, I can go get more and not have to worry about variances in color.

And, hold on to your seats boys and girls! I plan on (finally) seaming all of the pieces of The Soaker together tomorrow night, so in the next few days you will get one final update complete with pictures! Yes, pictures *gasp*. I’m going picture crazy to make up for my time without the camera, and I plan to hijack the computer of a friend or relative who has a slot for a memory stick, or a USB cable/port. In this day in age, I’m bound to know someone with at least one of those things.

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Some knitting yummies – and still no camera

Posted by Gina on Saturday, November 17, 2007

Today, I discovered glass needles for the first time (thanks to Ravelry – I love that place!). There are three companies I know of that make/sell the very pretty (and very out of my price range) glass needles. Ready for some eye candy? Here are the links: The Glass Gem, Namaste, and Don’t they look heavenly? I would love to try knitting with them some time, even though I knit exclusively on circ’s and DPN’s. Although, The Glass Gem does have a limited availability of glass DPN’s, and rumor has it, has glass circ’s available. Either way, they’re so far out of my budget, it’s almost not worth thinking about. Here’s to the future, though! Some day….

And I came across another wonderful Etsy store: Yarn Lust. The store owner hand dyes yarn in amazing colors. I fell in love with the Twilight Cashmere Yarn. More knitting goodness I can’t afford. *Sigh* At least I can still look at the picture. Maybe when things settle down for us financially, she’ll still be using that colorway on her yarns. Even if it’s not cashmere, it will still be a very pretty colorway to work with.

You know, not having my camera is driving me crazy. I’d love to talk more about my yarn stash and projects, but I feel as though those types of posts need pictures to go along with them. Sort of a point of reference, if you will. That, and I keep seeing things not related to knitting that I’d love to capture on camera. Oh well. It’s only temporary. I know I’ll find it sooner or later. :-) In the mean time, I’ll try to blog about more fun discoveries in the world of kniting and yarn.

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Let the holiday knitting begin!

Posted by Gina on Friday, November 9, 2007

Yeah, I know it’s already a week into November. I hadn’t planned on knitting gifts for anyone this year, because I honestly don’t have the time or money. But, my mother-in-law has “offered” to go yarn shopping with me so that she can buy yarn for me to make dishrags for gifts. There’s a long, long story that isn’t too relevant. Basically, she “subtly” hinted at the fact that she wants dishcloths (she didn’t flat out ask for them, but the hint was there and blatantly obvious). She’s buying yarn for me – for her. No big deal. I’m just glad I can finally work on something other than this feather and fan blanket! I get to experiment with yarn that didn’t come from Wal-Mart (a very rare occurrence – we are living paycheck to paycheck right now, so even Wal-Mart yarn is a luxury at the moment), and I get to actually make the patterns I’ve written down and charted. Both of my grandmothers, my mother-in-law, and my mom love hand knit dishrags, and I’ve had their personalized patterns ready to go for months. The only thing missing was the yarn.

I’m getting a stash! I feel so good. The only “stash” I currently have is the last skein I need to finish the blanket I’ve been working on for the longest time. Even though the stash will be temporary, it’s going to be such a nice and welcome change of pace. For once, I’m glad she’s being intrusive (part of the long story briefly mentioned above).

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