Knitter on Skates

And *finally* some SKATING content (mostly frustrated rambling)

Posted by Gina on Monday, September 1, 2008

I created this blog with the intent of giving ample amount of space to both skating and knitting.  This obviously hasn’t been the case, heh.  The very valid, yet mindnumbingly mundane reason is… I haven’t been skating.  I’ve gone skating maybe four times this year?  All four times were at the skating rink during open skate sessions.  Wooo!  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun.  But, do you really want to read about it?  “Today, I skated in circles over and over again while bad music played over the speakers.  I took the occasional break during rink games, such as ‘the limbo’, ‘hokey pokey’, and ‘four corners’.”  Okay, okay, I know I could have blogged about techniques I worked on.  I could have blogged about falling on my azz and making a complete fool of myself.  I could have complained about the rental skate quality (or lack there-of).  But, honestly, my skating sessions were so inconsistent that it really wasn’t worth blogging about.  This will soon change!  (There.  You have it in writing.  Now it has to change soon!)

I’m motivated (again) by the upcoming Kansas City Roller Warriors tryouts.  I don’t have the time to devote to being a full fledged team member, but I am seriously interested in becoming a ref (less of a time commitment, and less out of pocket expenses).  I considered this option last year.  I almost did it, too.  But, I couldn’t get over the “all or nothing” mindset I’ve had since the very first time I got the roller derby idea in my head (and then failed miserably at the 2007 tryouts).  This time around, I will go to the skating clinic this fall.  I need the experience.  I need the motivation.  At that time, I will discuss with the necessary person/people what I need to do to become a ref.  Between now and then, I will make it a point to skate whenever and wherever I can (but not at the expense of my family).  These are the goals I am promising to myself.  I need this (well, not roller derby specifically, but something similar).  I need the social outlet that knitting (my only “real” hobby) has yet to provide.  I need the aggression outlet (not that I’m aggressive, but still… some people jog to literally run off steam.  Some people drive.  Some people lift weights, do yoga, jump rope, etc…  Whatever it takes to get them out of the house for their “me” time).  That’s what I need.  An outlet away from home.  If it turns out the roller derby isn’t in the cards for me, even as a ref, then I’ll come up with a plan b.  For now, this is what I’m going to focus on.

This weekend, I’ll dust off my skates and go to the skating rink.  Or maybe the park, if I can find my outdoor wheels.


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