Knitter on Skates

Weekend Questions

Posted by Gina on Friday, July 25, 2008

1. When was the best time of your life?  Why was it the best?

2. What motivated you to learn how to knit / crochet?


2 Responses to “Weekend Questions”

  1. Mr. Abby said

    1. The day my daughter was born.
    2. The constant beatings you hand out to all those who oppose your neo-fascist-knit/crochet regime.

  2. Lindsey said

    1- um… Hard to choose. Probably when my daughter was born. I was so enamored with her, especially her tiny little hands.
    2- My mom. As soon as she thought I was hold enough to handle the needles without hurting myself, she started teaching me. We started with crocheting, and once I could make something without totally botching it we moved on to knitting. I made my first scarf at eleven, my first sweater at fifteen.

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