Knitter on Skates

Weekend Questons

Posted by Gina on Friday, July 18, 2008

  1. Do you have any little quirks?
  2. Do you prefer large needles or small needles?  Thick or thin?  Long or short?  Or, somewhere in the middle?

2 Responses to “Weekend Questons”

  1. Mr. Abby said

    1. LOL. I have OCD and am currently un-medicated… so, yeah.
    2. I prefer whatever you tell me to prefer.

  2. Amanda said

    1. Quirks…my fiance also says I’m OCD…I just obsess on some things but why settle until I’m happy? At least that’s how I see it…
    2. I think I prefer large, thick needles only because if you knit something with these you can get instant gratification!

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