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My So Called Bandwagon and The Missing Lapghan

Posted by Gina on Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well… With very few exceptions, I don’t tend to knit the patterns that everyone and their grandmother are knitting. Many of the most popular patterns don’t particularly appeal to me, or I’ve seen the pattern and/or pictures so often that I’m bored with the project before it even becomes a project. But, My So Called Scarf has grown on me. I decided this pattern wasn’t for me the very first time I saw it, long before I knew it was as popular as it is. I glanced at the picture, glanced – slightly – at the pattern, and it just did nothing for me. Now? I don’t know. I kind of like it. Having looked more closely at the stitch pattern, it does appear to be an interesting knit. Maybe I was previously too quick to judge. I won’t be able to start on it in the near future, and it’s not something I would wear, but this scarf is so perfect for someone I know. It’s at the very top of my holiday knitting list now. Actually, it’s the only thing on my holiday knitting list. So, I guess not only am I on the My So Called Scarf bandwagon, I’m also on the “start thinking of knitted Christmas gifts in July” bandwagon. I never would have thought either of those would be true…

In other mindless and irrelevant banter, Travis’s lapghan is missing. It’s just… gone. I typically keep my current projects in a laundry basket beside the reclining chair in which I always knit. That’s the last place I remember seeing the lapghan. I went to get it when I was headed to the bar tonight, and it wasn’t there. I did a quick search of the rest of the rooms in the house, but found no clues. Could one of the kids have run off with it? My three year old knows better, and my one year old would have brought it to me to show off her new cuddly object. Or, would she have? Did Travis move it in an effort to save it from the fate suffered by the entrelac lapghan-that-never-was? If so, wouldn’t he have told me? Did *I* move it and forget? Is there such a thing as Spontaneous Yarn Combustion? It’s a mystery.


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