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The sock is DONE!

Posted by Gina on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One sock down, one more to go! But, it’s been kind of a boring knit. Oh well. I’m learning about socks, so I’ll keep truckin’ along. I tried on the one I just finished, and it’s so very soft, and amazingly comfortable. I highly recommend Jitterbug!

Speaking of yarn, I’m still waiting for the Habu Bamboo I ordered for Kiri. I love instant gratification, so waiting hasn’t been easy. It is, apparently, out of stock and the store is waiting for their shipment to arrive. Which is strange, considering the fact that I swear (I’ll even bet money on it) the website said there were 15 in stock when I placed my order. *sigh* Things happen. Maybe a whole bunch of people decided they were all going to order that exact yarn, in that exact color, from that exact website/store on the exact same day. Anything’s possible, right? Or, maybe there was a glitch in the system, so even though it said ‘x in stock’, it really should have said ‘out of stock’. Or maybe the mistake was entirely my fault, and I didn’t read correctly. Either way, their “fault” or mine, I’m not going to get worked up over little bit of a wait. Things happen. The company has a good reputation (as far as I know), and their communications with me have been friendly, professional, and apologetic. So… I’ll wait. Don’t get me wrong, I am very frustrated (I hate waiting, especially when it comes to starting a project that involves more than endless stockinette), but the frustration isn’t directed toward them or me or any specific person/store. Just the situation.

I hate waiting. Did I mention that? Now time for sock number two.


2 Responses to “The sock is DONE!”

  1. genuinelye said

    Sometimes the software used for a website can cause updates to load more slowly. I also hate waiting with a passion that is unequaled. When I want yarn (and I have the happy and rare occasion of having the money for it!) I DON’T WANNA WAIT!

  2. Gina said

    I hear ya on not having money for yarn. When I’m not splurging with tax money, yarn purchases are few and far between (and I’m stuck shopping for acrylic at Wal-Mart. Hey, Caron Simply Soft really isn’t THAT bad!)

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