Knitter on Skates

Knitting Scouts. Hmm…

Posted by Gina on Monday, March 17, 2008

I recently stumbled upon the Knitting Scouts page, where you can get knitting related “badges”. Seems kind of fun. The purpose seems to be more about promoting knitting in a positive light while not taking the badge thing too seriously, rather than “earning” badges based on skills and techniques learned. It’s more playful than competitive. Although, there are some skills-based badges available (is “knitting whilst under the influence” a skill? I think it probably qualifies, haha, but it doesn’t specify that one must knit *well* while under the influence… which really would be a skill! The way it’s worded on the site leads me to assume that I can knit with disastrous results and still qualify for the badge, provided the disastrous knitting was done while under the influence of alcohol). I like it. It’s fun in a “don’t take me too seriously” kind of way. One of the best kinds of fun!


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