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When everything is going well, it all comes undone.

Posted by Gina on Sunday, March 16, 2008

I cast on for the sock exactly one week ago. Things were going wonderfully. I turned my first heel without incident. All I had left was toe…

Then, my wonderful daughter (1 year old) thought it looked like an interesting toy. It’s entirely my fault, though. I left it within her reach, knowing how much she loves yarn. She didn’t damage the yarn, but she did unravel the whole entire sock! After untangling it, I started over. Now, I’m almost done (again). Just turned the heel (again, no mistakes that I’m aware of. I’m so proud of myself! Everyone keeps talking about turning heels as if it’s the anti-christ of knitting, so I was relieved to see that it wasn’t too hard), and now the it’s time to pick up stitches (I absolutely hate picking up stitches) and work on the instep. Over-all, it’s going well. I can’t say I love socks, but every knitter has to make at least one pair, right?


3 Responses to “When everything is going well, it all comes undone.”

  1. Sarah said

    I swear I wrote this exact (minus child frogging sock hehe mine frogged other projects for me) post when I first knit a pair of socks! It was far easier than I imagined and I thought, well that was fun but I don’t get the hype… a year later I feel like all I knit are socks! lol

  2. shush said

    My mom is convinced that I HAVE to knit a pair of socks. All I can think about is the little needles and my sons little fingers… *shudders*

  3. Gina said

    Sarah, I think that will be me a year from now, haha.

    shush, I’ve seen sock patterns that call for size 8 or so needles and medium weight yarn. I don’t know if they’re good patterns, though! I’m using bamboo DPN’s that don’t have a very sharp point on the end. They’re really strong for the size (3.35mm / US size 3), so they’re as child friendly as small needles come. Bamboo needles by Plymouth or Crystal Palace are my favorites when I need something blunt AND strong (stronger than wood, not quite as strong as metal). The tips aren’t sharp and pokey like some metal brands, they’re a little more rounded, but effective enough for knitting!

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