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Socks and lace. I don’t even wear shawls?

Posted by Gina on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I’m working on my very first sock ever… It’s the ‘Simple Sock Pattern’ on the ball band of the Jitterbug sock yarn (I couldn’t find an on-line reference to the pattern). It really is simple… really. Top down, knit in the round (a little 1 x 1 ribbing at the top, but after that it’s stockinette the whole time). I’ll elaborate on the socks later. On to the fun stuff.

I’m currently waiting on the yarn to arrive for the Kiri shawl (pattern and picture available through for those who aren’t on Ravelry). It’s Habu Bamboo in a deep wine color. Very pretty, and hopefully fun to work with. It’s one of those projects I can’t wait to start, and every day I can’t start I get even more antsy. One of the times I literally stalk the mail lady while waiting for my package. She probably thinks I’m a little crazy at this point (not that she’d be wrong, but if she is a knitter, she probably understands). I wonder what I’ll do with Kiri when I’m done? I don’t wear shawls (I find them limiting – I like the things I wear to stay on even when I’m not holding them). I don’t know anyone else who wears them. But, they are so much fun to make! I’m addicted to lace. I suppose that makes me a lace junkie.


2 Responses to “Socks and lace. I don’t even wear shawls?”

  1. Amanda said

    Is lace hard to do? I’m taking a class at KITH to learn how to do it. Are you going to that? Good luck on your sock. I remember my first sock :) It’s very exciting to get it finished.

  2. Gina said

    Amanda, It can be hard. There are some easy “advanced beginner” lace patterns out there that aren’t too complicated, though. The hardest part is just paying attention and knowing how to read your own knitting because it’s not mindless knitting at all…

    I’d love to go to KITH, but I’m not sure I have the money. I’d really benefit from it, though. I have no clue how to read charts, so when it comes to lace, I’m kind of limited as to which patterns I’m able to knit (most I’ve seen are charted instead of written out). Even if I can’t afford any of the classes, I might “window shop” at the vendors market and maybe sit and knit for a while… Maybe I’ll see you there! :-)

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