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Bender Bending Rodriguez – Crochet pattern

Posted by Gina on Monday, March 3, 2008

I don’t know how to crochet, but I’d love to learn. I recently came across a pattern that is sure to help motivate me. A Bender amigurumi pattern.

I’m not really a Futurama fan, but my husband loves it. Needless to say, I’ve seen a few episodes, and freely admit to knowing more about the show than a non-fan would normally know. Bender, IMO, happens to be the one character that makes the show tolerable. He makes me laugh. A lot. If they had a Benderama show, I’d watch it willingly. Maybe I should petition someone (Fox? Is that the right network?) to create a Futurama spin-off with him as the main character. I would like that. I’m sure Bender would, too.


3 Responses to “Bender Bending Rodriguez – Crochet pattern”

  1. Aunt Kathy said

    Oh gosh, he’s cute, my grandson might like that, he loves robots. Crocheting isn’t that hard, if you can knit you’ll be able to crochet, I hope you give it a try.

    Thank you for joining in on my contest, I hope you’ll be back often to play this month.

  2. MrAbby said

    I’ll take 2 please.

  3. Jess said

    Oh man! My BF loves Bender. I hope you make him, just because :)

    BTW, thanks for the comment in my blog. I’m really a fan of the DIC.

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