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Let the roller derby season begin!

Posted by Gina on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is anyone else excited? The Kansas City Roller Warriors kick off the season at 7pm on March 9th. I’ll be watching from the sidelines again this year. I didn’t try out after-all, but I am (finally) at peace with being just a spectator. The practice schedule doesn’t fit into my life right now, and because I have two very little ones at home, I’m not about to start rearranging things for any sport. Some day, though… Until then, I’ll be frequenting the open skate sessions at the skating rinks, and enjoying roller derby bouts comfortably seated far away form the hard hits.

In somewhat related news ramblings, I’ve been thinking that this city needs a speed skating club. Anyone interested in forming one (in a year or two)?


One Response to “Let the roller derby season begin!”

  1. Travis said

    Well, crap, when are we getting a babysitter and going to a bout? The season closer at Kemper was a ton-o-fun.

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