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The soaker saga, part 3.5

Posted by Gina on Friday, November 30, 2007

Here’s latest the update on the soaker. When I first cast on, I had in mind a triangle soaker. It was going to be knit flat, then sewn up so that it would pull on like underwear. As I was knitting, I decided I liked the idea of a wrap better (similar to the Tickle Turtle Wool Wrap pattern, only knit instead of crochet). Knowing absolutely nothing about soaker construction, and having no pattern for reference, the end result is a very unique and ugly thing looks like a stingray with a blunt stinger (I promise to post a pic when I can! It’s really quite humorous). Wide wings at the back, narrowing to a thin strip that goes between the legs and is then folded up at the front.

After binding off, I realized that the crotch area is a little too narrow to be effective. Instead of frogging back, I decided to knit two thin strips to sew onto each side (hoping that the seams work as gussets. Maybe it’ll work out that way? Did I mention I know nothing about soaker construction?). I also realized that I didn’t leave a lot of space on the front for velcro or snaps, and I noticed that the fold up flap is probably going to be too short. So, I made a wide front panel to add length and width. This resulted in 4 pieces that I need to seam together. The main body of the soaker, the thin strips, and the front panel.

After I seam all the pieces together, I’m going to lanolize (water proof) it and see how effective it really is. Of course, I made this more complicated than necessary, but It’s a learning experience!


One Response to “The soaker saga, part 3.5”

  1. greenberryhouse said

    I hate to admit how long I read about “soakers” before I finally figured out what they were! I admire your ingenuity!

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