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Have some excitement with your morning coffee.

Posted by Gina on Friday, November 30, 2007

Apparently, Wednesday morning, a police chase ended on foot in the back yard of the home where my mom, grandma, and nephew live.

Crazy, huh?

Obviously, my mom and I don’t talk much – because I just found out today.

Here’s the unofficial story.

My mom went out on the back deck Wednesday morning, as she does every morning, to drink her coffee and smoke a cigarette or two. Little did she know, but the (armed?) suspects were hiding under the deck while police officers were stalking them from across the creek (their yard opens up into a park, where there’s a jogging trail and a creek, and then more neighborhoods across the wooded area across from the creek). Everyone, the suspects and the police, waited until my mom went inside before moving. Then the arrest was made in between their house and their neighbors house.

My mom did eventually realize that something was going on. Once she realized that two helicopters were hovering above her house, she thought maybe going inside would be a good idea, so she watched the rest unfold on the news and through the windows. There are more details, but I’m not so great at relaying 2nd hand info. I told my mom to e-mail me, and I’ll post it (if anyone is interested) when I get it.

It was apparently on the news, too. Note to self – watch the news once in while. I never have any idea what’s going on locally.


3 Responses to “Have some excitement with your morning coffee.”

  1. Amanda said

    Was this the stolen car chase? Crazy!

  2. Gina said

    Yes, that’s exactly the one! Over by Overland Park Regional and 435

  3. Mr. Abby said


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