Knitter on Skates

New speed skates, please?

Posted by Gina on Thursday, November 29, 2007

Look what I’m getting!!!! The Labeda G-80 Silver Streak. I tried on a pair, and they’re so very comfy. Yes, they’re shiny and flashy, but I love them anyway! The flashiness adds to the fun. And I will very much be traveling back to the 80’s by putting purple wheels and pom poms on them. *giggles* My current skates hurt my feet (breaking them in didn’t help). Rentals are more comfortable. Figure skates are more comfortable! ACK! But I refuse to pay for rentals when I own my own, so my feet suffer in silence. I love to skate, and right now, skating hurts. This is a problem. I’m really excited about having a fun and COMFORTABLE pair of skates! It feels like being 7 years old and finding the perfect Christmas present under the tree. :-)

I was going to get myself a new camera for Christmas, but the skates will be more fun. (I found my old camera, by the way. Just need to find the USB cable – is that what it’s called? – so I can upload the pictures to my computer) .

In knitting related news, I think I’ve managed to salvage the soaker. It will be oddly structured, but functional (too lazy to frog and start over). More on that later….


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