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Let’s see what happens in the washing machine…

Posted by Gina on Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I might regret this, but my sons feather and fan blanket is in the washing machine right now. It’s made of washable yarn, and I’ve washed it before. BUT, this time it’s being washed with items that require the super heavy duty washing cycle. Let’s hope it doesn’t fall apart! Ack. It’s good to test these things once in a while, right? Otherwise, I’ll never know if certain things can be washed certain ways, right? I guess I’m going to find out when it’s time for the dryer.

(Edited to add: the blanket survived. For anyone who might want to know, feather and fan blankets made with Caron Simply Soft can be washed at least one time on the rigorous spin cycle).

Oh, and here’s a picture of the blanket (pre-super heave duty washing cycle). It was taken on a cell phone camera, and the combination of the camera, lighting, and the way the blanket is laying makes for a very unflattering picture of it. But, it’s all I have until I find my camera, so it’ll have to do. I made it a couple months ago (and still haven’t managed to get a good picture):


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