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Some knitting yummies – and still no camera

Posted by Gina on Saturday, November 17, 2007

Today, I discovered glass needles for the first time (thanks to Ravelry – I love that place!). There are three companies I know of that make/sell the very pretty (and very out of my price range) glass needles. Ready for some eye candy? Here are the links: The Glass Gem, Namaste, and Don’t they look heavenly? I would love to try knitting with them some time, even though I knit exclusively on circ’s and DPN’s. Although, The Glass Gem does have a limited availability of glass DPN’s, and rumor has it, has glass circ’s available. Either way, they’re so far out of my budget, it’s almost not worth thinking about. Here’s to the future, though! Some day….

And I came across another wonderful Etsy store: Yarn Lust. The store owner hand dyes yarn in amazing colors. I fell in love with the Twilight Cashmere Yarn. More knitting goodness I can’t afford. *Sigh* At least I can still look at the picture. Maybe when things settle down for us financially, she’ll still be using that colorway on her yarns. Even if it’s not cashmere, it will still be a very pretty colorway to work with.

You know, not having my camera is driving me crazy. I’d love to talk more about my yarn stash and projects, but I feel as though those types of posts need pictures to go along with them. Sort of a point of reference, if you will. That, and I keep seeing things not related to knitting that I’d love to capture on camera. Oh well. It’s only temporary. I know I’ll find it sooner or later. :-) In the mean time, I’ll try to blog about more fun discoveries in the world of kniting and yarn.


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