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I took the handmade pledge.

Posted by Gina on Friday, November 2, 2007

I was browsing Etsy earlier today, when I noticed this little clickable picture. It said, “I took the handmade pledge…” Being the curious person I am, and loving hand made items as much as I do, I let my curiosity take the lead, and I clicked the picture. The link took me to, where visitors pledge to buy handmade gifts this holiday season (and request that their loved ones do the same for them). What a novel idea! I am always eager to support small businesses, work at home parents, and the independent person trying to earn a living, or just wanting make a little extra on the side. I only wish more people would (could?) do the same. Doing business (even on-line) with an independent artisan or stay at home mom is always so much more pleasurable than standing in line for hours (ok, minutes that just feel like hours) at chain department stores. Shopping at local ‘mom and pop’ shops (sadly, a dieing breed) is actually enjoyable, and feels a lot less tedious than shopping at SuperHugeMegaMart with their bright fluorescent lights and employees in one-style-fits-none uniforms. Plus, I find that hand made items are a much better quality than mass produced anything – most of the time. When I buy something that is hand made, I know for a fact that the specific item I purchased was thoroughly inspected for quality, as the producer of the item physically handles each and every thing (s)he makes (as opposed to a mass produced item, where generally only one sample from a huge production is tested for quality). Plus, for reasons that are unknown and don’t even need to be defended anyway, buying, owning, and using hand made items just feels good. It’s a luxury that I’m very happy to support.

So YAY! for hand made items and the people who make and sell them. They’re good for the economy, good for the soul, and (potentially) good for the environment.


One Response to “I took the handmade pledge.”

  1. Suzy said

    That is a wonderful idea! And it is so true that buying “handmade” is always a pleasure for the purchaser as well!

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