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Knitting To The Beat! Ramblings about knitting in public, and my idea of the PERFECT knitting group.

Posted by Gina on Monday, October 8, 2007

My favorite time and place to KIP is trivia night or karaoke night at a local steak house that tries to do the “real bar” thing after the kitchen closes. It’s certainly not the BEST bar around, but the food is tasty, the regulars are good people, and the staff pretty much leaves me alone (without charging me for a Coke – always a plus). I love it there. It’s my Cheers (although, not everybody knows my name. I’m still calling it my Cheers, because it’s “my” bar – through thick and thin, no matter how lame or cool it happens to be at the moment). But that’s all beside the point. On to the knitting.

More often than not, while KIP’ing at this establishment (or anywhere/time there is music), I find myself knitting to the beat of the music. Understandably, it’s more likely to happen when the pattern is basic and calls for “mindless knitting” (mostly made up of knitting and/or purling numerous stitches in a row). When I find myself in this “knitting trance”, the beat sets the pace, and it’s just me, my needles, and the music. Everything else disappears. It’s very meditative, and has become almost addicting. I think I have finally found MY thing; that thing that I make time for, that I do just for me (sans children and husband) to relax and unwind. I never in my life thought I would say this, but karaoke night keeps me sane (I don’t sing, and certainly never would have been bold enough to KIP in previous years). Who would have thought that putting these two things together is all that I’ve been missing?

Which leads to what I’d like to find in a knitting group. It would be nice to find a group of people who are willing to go out to a potentially loud, sometimes smoky establishment on a Friday or Saturday night to drink (or not drink – I typically only drink Coke or Pepsi), enjoy the music and atmosphere, and knit for a while. It doesn’t have to be at the place I mentioned above. Any kind of night life will do. I honestly have only a mild interest in meeting at a bookstore, park, or coffee shop (I love all of these places, but I kind of want my “me” time to be at establishments that I’m not likely to visit with kids in tow). Maybe some day knitting in public will catch on in the Kansas City area. Until then, I guess I’ll be knitting to the beat with the non-knitters.


One Response to “Knitting To The Beat! Ramblings about knitting in public, and my idea of the PERFECT knitting group.”

  1. ChelleC said

    It was great seeing you at MisKnits. Not bar-like, but a lot of laughter and fun nevertheless. Your little Catherine is adorable.

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